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Become a Home Visitor

Information about working as a Portage Home Visitor

There is a wide range of Portage Services around the UK so it is very difficult to generalise. The following FAQs may be relevant.

What terms and conditions apply to Portage Home Visitors?

Portage Home Visitors (PHV’s, occasionally called Portage Workers or Portage Teachers) are employed by the local Portage Service (usually managed within the Local Authority). There is a range of conditions of employment. Employed PHV salaries depend on different services and may be on a Teacher pay scale or an Early Years Professional or Early Years Practitioner or a Teaching Assistant pay scale dependent on qualifications and on the individual service /employer set up. Each Service will set its own personnel specification.

Some services are fully staffed by PHV’s whose role is dedicated only to Portage, others are staffed by PHV’s who are seconded from their full time job to visit perhaps one or two families at a time, others may be staffed by volunteers who may visit 1 or 2 families.

What qualifications are needed to become a Portage Home Visitor?

In some cases, for example, employers will ask for N.N.E.B. qualification or equivalent. Other authorities will ask for Early Childhood Studies Diploma or Foundation Degree or Degree or equivalent. Other authorities ask for Qualified Teacher Status. Some consider life experience to be sufficient.

What experience is required?

Employers will usually ask for experience of working with this age range of children and experience of working with children with a range of additional needs. A few services support volunteer Portage Home Visitors to work with families.

What additional training is required?

In order to Register with the National Portage Association, services undertake to ensure that all Home Visitors have attended an approved Portage Basic Workshop. Completion of a Portage Basic Workshop is the first stage in becoming a Portage Home Visitor. After completing the workshop, people must work under supervision for 6 months in a Registered Portage Service.

Portage Basic Workshops (each lasting for a minimum of 3 full days training) are organised and delivered by local Portage Services. Portage Post, the National Portage Association’s Newsletter, advertises those known to the Association.

Portage Basic Workshops are usually open to anyone with an interest in learning more about Portage. Prior knowledge and / or experience is not required. Different Services charge different amounts for their workshops, depending on local circumstances.  Please look under the training section of the website for local costs or email:

The Association only advertises Workshops that are delivered by Accredited Trainers.

Where Are Portage Home Visitor vacancies advertised?

Portage Home Visitor vacancies may be advertised locally and nationally (often in the Times Educational Supplement and on the website).