The NPA Board of Trustees

There is a Board of Trustees that undertakes to manage the business of the Association. The Trustees are representatives elected from the membership of the National Portage Association. Board members may be parents/carers, professionals or practitioners directly involved in Portage Services.

The Membership of the Association is divided into regions. Each region elects one of its members to serve as its Regional Trustee on the Board.

Board members fulfil their role in a voluntary capacity. Some aspects of the work are carried out by a small number of staff employed directly by or contracted by the NPA.

Membership on The Board of Trustees

The current elected Board of Trustees comprises:

  • Honorary Officers (Chairperson, 2 Vice-Chairs and Treasurer)
  • Parent Trustees
  • 7 Regional Trustees (Eastern; London and South East; Midlands; Northern; North East; South West and Wales).
  • Representatives of sub-committees appointed by the Board:
    • Chair of Training;
    • Chair of Steering Group for the project;
  • Co-opted Trustees (up to 3 members of the Association may be co-opted as Trustees as required, who may serve until the next AGM following their appointment.)

Find out more about the different roles on the NPA Board.

Others in Attendance

The Conference Coordinator, Portage Consultants, the Editor of the Portage Post (co-opted member) and others may be members of the association and may attend some/all board meetings as observers.

How to Get Involved?

If you are interested in supporting the NPA Board and would like to know more about how you can help and support the NPA, there are a number of ways you can do this.

  • To become a Board Member
  • To become an NPA ‘Board Buddy’
  • How to support us