‘In-the-Picture’ – training and research update

In the picture

As you probably know ‘In-the-Picture’, the free online training course for Portage Home Visitors and early childhood practitioners, has been available since January 2020. In-the-Picture is an innovative approach which helps those supporting very young children with learning difficulties explore what everyday experiences and activities are like from the child’s perspective and plan accordingly. The online course can be found on the Open University’s ‘OpenLearn’ platform at:


The course continues to be a real success with a total of 434 people enrolled and 202 participants having completed the course and received their online certificates. We do hope that those of you that have undertaken the training have found it useful and that if you haven’t yet been able to participate you get some time to do so soon.

We had been planning a new research project around using ‘In-the-Picture’ to support young children making the transition from home to pre-school provision to follow on from the work that we did with services in 2018/19. Unfortunately the start of this project has obviously been delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic but we are reviewing the situation again in September 2021, with a view to starting in January 2022. Several Portage services had already come forward to take part who we will be re-contacting in September but we will also be seeking some more participants. So keep a watch on the NPA website around that time for further information.

Finally we will be hosting a discussion session about ‘In-the-Picture’, what’s involved and how you can get involved, at the next NPA online members meeting (please note, this has been re-arranged from 24th September to Thursday 23rd September 2021 at 10.00am)  Looking forward to talking to some of you then but in the meantime if any questions or feedback then please do get in touch with John Parry or Jonty Rix at