**FINAL REMINDER ** NPA Service Registration 2021

NPA Service Registration 2019

NPA Service Registration

**We know how busy our Services are, but if you have not yet submitted your Service Registration application for 2021/22, this is now your final reminder** 


Annual NPA Service Registration renewal was due on 1 June 2021. 

If you still want to remain as a registered Service, we will need your application by the beginning of the new term in January; after that unregistered Services will start to be removed from the website and benefits of registration will be withdrawn (including the use of the NPA logo).

If you have any concerns or difficulties that we can help with, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the NPA office team administrator@portage.org.uk

We welcome applications from new and establishing Portage Services and you will find full details of scheme here including the essential criteria for Service Registration.  We also now offer Affiliated Registration for Services who meet all our other essential criteria but are no longer able to offer home visiting, here are the criteria for Affiliated Services   

We do understand that occasionally registration lapses for a number of reasons including staff changes and re-organistion and again we are happy for Services to reregister with us providing they meet our criteria.