**Contacting the NPA during current health crisis**

Contacting the NPA 

**Update July 2020**

We are now starting to find our 'new normal' in the NPA office (we hope that is the case for you all too).

We are still doing a mix of working from our 'Kings Court' Office and some homeworking, but it does mean we are now picking up post regularly and there is more chance that you'll catch someone on the phone, rather than having to leave a message.

Email continues to be the best way of contacting us as these are reviewed daily at info@portage.org.uk 

Thank you for your continuing patience and support


The NPA are continuing to follow Government guidance, relating to the current public health crisis; this means our already very small team is operating remotely and at reduced capacity.

Therefore, we would ask that you please keep any contact with us to a minimum and bear with us until normal service can be resumed.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to divert our phone line and we are also unable to pick up post, as the offices we operate from remain closed until the beginning of June.

Therefore, email continues to be the best way to contact us  info@portage.org.uk

(If you are a current NPA member, remember that you can make use of the forum chat page if you want to interact with other 'Portage People' and share anything portage related)

We know Portage teams are continuing to do some amazing work twith heir famililies and we hope you are managing to stay safe and well.

Remember that small steps can make a big difference!