Portage Awareness Week 10th - 17th June


Are you ready to 'POP FOR PORTAGE'?

Join in with the celebrations and raise awareness about Portage!

During National Portage Awareness Week we aim to raise awareness of the NPA and Portage. We celebrate Portage services acorss the UK and through local fun events services invite families to join in.

Bubbles are a particular Portage favourite for both children and adults, hence the annual 'POP FOR PORTAGE' theme. Previous years have seen a range of bubble related events planned, with services inviting past and current families plus other service users to join in the fun.

Promote your service by advertising your events – contact your local press and send details to your local authority newsletter. Invite your local councillor and head of service!

Fund raising for your local service and groups is also an important part of the week. Many services raise awareness and generate funds, often donating a small portion of the proceeds to the NPA.

POP FOR PORTAGE can take any form or shape!

Here are a few ideas:

  • A Pop for Portage Open Day to celebrate the week with bubble blowing, popping, catching, bubble painting, jumping on bubble wrap, riding bikes over bubble wrap, bubble washing dolls & toys, sharing pop-up books, make a bubble collage, sing ‘5 Fat Sausages’, play with foam etc…Children could be sponsored to make, pop & jump on bubbles and presented with a certificate at the end of the event.                                                                                                                         
  • Create a sensory area and display a range of low cost sensory items that can be made at home. Table top displays can promote your service and information about the NPA.
  • A Teddy Bears Picnic for families - popping bubbles outdoors with their teddies! Combine with a free Bookstart pack for children with disabilities.
  • Get healthy at the same time as organising a Sponsored Portage Walk in the park with family and friends.
  • Be a Pirate for Portage – hold a Pirate themed party and have swashbuckling fun!
  • Hold a Portage Bake Off inviting past and present families to bake & buy.
  • Bag Packing in the local supermarket – so easy to organise – best times between 12 to 2.30 so get those collecting buckets out!
  • Organise an Outgrown Clothes Sale and make Pop for Portage Cup Cakes to have with a cup of tea!

Share your ideas in the Portage Awareness Week discussion forum on the Portage Support Hub or join us on social media across the week.

Whatever you do have lots of fun!