Portage Awareness Week 12 -18 June


Are you ready to POP FOR PORTAGE?

Join in with the celebrations and let everyone know what Portage is all about!

National Portage Awareness Week is a celebration of Portage services across the UK. It’s aim is to raise awareness of the NPA and Portage, with local services invited to hold a fun event for families.

Bubbles are a particular Portage favourite for both children and adults, hence the annual POP FOR PORTAGE theme. Previous years have seen a range of bubble related events planned, with services inviting past and current families plus other service users to join in the fun.

Promote your service by advertising your events – contact your local press and send details to your local authority newsletter. Invite your local councillor and head of service!

Fund raising for your local service & groups is also an important part of the week. Many services raise awareness and generate funds, often donating a small portion of the proceeds to the NPA.

POP FOR PORTAGE can take any form or shape!

Here are a few ideas:

  • A Pop for Portage Open Day to celebrate the week with bubble blowing, popping, catching, bubble painting, jumping on bubble wrap, riding bikes over bubble wrap, bubble washing dolls & toys, sharing pop-up books, make a bubble collage, sing ‘5 Fat Sausages’, play with foam etc…Children could be sponsored to make, pop & jump on bubbles and presented with a certificate at the end of the event.                                                                                                                         
  • Create a sensory area and display a range of low cost sensory items that can be made at home. Table top displays can promote your service and information about the NPA.
  • A Teddy Bears Picnic for families - popping bubbles outdoors with their teddies! Combine with a free Bookstart Star pack for children with disabilities.
  • Get healthy at the same time as organising a Sponsored Portage Walk in the park with family and friends.
  • Be a Pirate for Portage – hold a Pirate themed party and have swashbuckling fun!
  • Hold a Portage Bake Off inviting past and present families to bake & buy.
  • Bag Packing in the local supermarket – so easy to organise – best times between 12 to 2.30 so get those collecting buckets out!
  • Organise an Outgrown Clothes Sale and make Pop for Portage Cup Cakes to have with a cup of tea!

Share your ideas in the Portage Awareness Week discussion forum on the Portage Support Hub.

Whatever you do have lots of fun!