Portage Services & Remote Working

With many services having to operate remotely due to the current pandemic, we are receiving enquiries from Portage Workers, looking for advice from the NPA.

At the NPA, we know that our Portage Workers are always working hard at finding new and innovative ways to support their families, but that has never been more apparent than now....

One of the strengths of Portage Services is that they are all unique! The way they operate varies hugely depending on funding, size of service etc. This makes it impossible to provide blanket guidance, but also first and foremost, services must follow their own employing organisations’ guidelines.

We believe that the best way we can support our members is by providing a platform for discussion and sharing of ideas and expertise; this is happening through our forum discussion page on this website  portage.org.uk/support/community

If you are a member of the NPA, you will be able to take an active part in the discussions taking place on the forum pages (unfortunately non-members will only be able to view the original post and not the responses).

If you are not a member, but would like to join, you can do so here https://www.portage.org.uk/register

You may also find some useful information on the ‘Resources’ pages  portage.org.uk/support/resources 

And 'The Council For Disabled Children' also have lots of really useful resources from the latest Government guidance, to Health advice and Learning Resources to Support Home Schooling  https://councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk/help-resources/resources/covid-19-support-and-guidance

We hope this is of some assistance and that you are all managing to stay safe and well in these difficult times, take care.