Using “In the Picture” – an opportunity for Portage Services

A unique opportunity has arisen to work with researchers from the Open University on using the ‘In the Picture’ approach within Portage practice.

‘In the Picture’ is an innovative way of supporting communication between adults and children that has been developed by Alice Paige-Smith, Jonty Rix and John Parry in their studies of very young children with learning difficulties. It involves taking photographs of the child’s focus during play alongside the making of first-person narrative observations of their activities and using these to inform discussions between parents and practitioners about children’s learning and interests.

You may have attended the workshop on ‘In the Picture’ that Jonty and John presented at the 2015 NPA conference or listened to the presentation on this website.

Jonty and John have now secured some Open University funding to work with 10 Portage services, primarily in London and the south-east, to explore how Home Visitors could use ‘In the Picture’ in supporting their work with families and early years settings. Participating services will be provided with training in using ‘In the Picture’ and be given two tablets to use to take and share photographs with the children and parents.

The project will be running from March 2017 to June 2017. If you are interested or want to find out some more details just contact John or Jonty as soon as possible:

John Parry:

Jonty Rix: