Portage Workshop in Calderdale

A Portage Workshop is being held over 4 days from Tuesday 20 to Thursday 22 November 2018 with a Follow Up Session on  Tuesday 15 January 2019.  The Workshop is being delivered by Michelle Eyre who is an NPA Accredited Trainer supported by Chantelle Berry who is a Trainee Trainer. The venue for the Workshop is Shay Stadium, Halifax.

The Portage Workshop: A Small Steps Approach to Learning for Children with Special Educational Needs (SEND) will help you to extend your knowledge and skills in working with young children with SEND and their families.  By the end of the 3 day workshop and follow-up session you will:

  • Understand and be able to implement the Portage Principles and model of support when working with children with SEND and their families
  • Be familiar with a range of materials and resources which  may be useful when working with children with SEND
  • Know how to break down learning goals/targets into small steps to make learning easier for a child with SEND
  • Be able to plan a programme of intervention and support using the graduated response as per the SEN and Disability, Code of Practice  
  • Have an understanding of why some behaviours occur and how they can be changed
  • Understand why play is so important, have considered  how the development of play can be supported in children with SEND, and have looked at and tried out, a variety of play models
  • Be confident to apply skills learned on the course in the workplace

Individual modules covered in the workshop and follow-up day are:

The Portage Model and its relevance for Early Years settings

Helping Children Learn:

Using Clear Language

Planning for Success

Small Steps Approach

Examples of Planning, Recording and Sharing

Positive Approaches to Children’s Behaviour

Supporting the Development of Play

       Parents perspective – parents to visit and contribute to the workshop

Event location