Highlights from Conference 2015

To give you a flavour of the weekend and to support NPA Members who want to revisit the seminars they attended, we have made available a selection of clips from Conference 2015.

Whether you were able to attend or not, here are just a few highlights from the weekend, including links to further information. We had 15 different seminars and 2 keynote speakers across the 2 days, we hope this new content will inspire and inform you.

Even if you attended the Conference, we know there is never enough time to attend every seminar, or you may want to revisit those you did attend and listen again.

Seminars and interviews

Keynote Speaker - Hayley Goleniowska

Using Your Best Resources to Move Portage Forward - The Families

This inspiring and emotive keynote takes us on a family’s journey and highlights the importance of Portage from a parent perspective.

Hayley is a mum of two girls, the youngest of whom has Down ’s syndrome. Via her multi-award-winning blog Downs Side Up she has become a speaker and author, a campaigner and advocate for those with learning disabilities. 

From No 10 to Parliament to mainstream TV and radio, her voice makes the nation sit up and listen and challenge their thinking about the condition.

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Seminar - Supporting Settings to Achieve the Stamp of Approval

Jane Howe (Portage Supervisor, East Riding)

The East Riding of Yorkshire Service is supporting a number of settings, including Children’s Centres, to achieve the Stamp of Approval.

The Portage Team have developed a checklist (that compliments the Stamp of Approval Guidance Notes) to help Portage Representatives and practitioners provide evidence that demonstrates a setting can fulfil all required criteria.

There is a particular emphasis on how Portage Principles are incorporated into practice.

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Seminar - Emotional Dynamics Working with Families with Children with Additional Needs/Empowering Parents to Become Creators

Magdi Kovacs – Cerebral Palsy Life Coach

Magdi introduces the ‘Dreaded Drama Triangle’ (DDT) concept through the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

Family members/practitioners are often taking on different roles. The ‘Dreaded Drama Triangle’ is based on anxiety and focuses on the problem.

The Empowerment Dynamics (TED) is the antidote to DDT. TED is based on passion and focuses on the outcome, solution and empowers everyone to make positive changes in their lives. 

Listen and view a presentation from this seminar

Seminar - The ‘In the Picture’ Approach

John Parry and Jonty Rix (The Open University)

‘In the Picture’ is an innovative approach supporting communication between adults and children. This approach was recently developed by researchers at the Open University in their studies of very young children with learning difficulties.

It involves taking photographs of the child’s focus during play alongside the making of first-person narrative observations of their activities. 

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Stamp of Approval Interviews

We interviewed practitioners from settings in East Riding who talked about attending Portage Training and how their setting worked towards the NPA Stamp of Approval award. 

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Beverley Dean - Parent Interview

We interviewed Beverley, a parent whose child received Portage, about her child’s early life, their experience of Portage and the difference receiving the service made to her family.

Beverley also speaks about her experience of Conference, as a delegate and Seminar presenter. 

Listen to Beverly's interview

Feedback from Conference 2015

Thanks to all parents, Portage Home Visitors, professional and practitioners who gave us their feedback about Conference 2015!

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Practitioners from Settings attending Conference 2015 Feedback/testimonials

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Parent/Practitioner Feedback from Conference / Testimonials