Highlights from Conference 2016

To give you a flavour of the weekend and to support NPA Members who want to revisit the seminars they attended, we have made available a selection of clips from Conference 2016.

Whether you were able to attend or not, here are just a few highlights from the weekend, including links to further information. We had 11 different seminars and 2 keynote speakers across the 2 days, we hope this new content will inspire and inform you.

Even if you attended the Conference, we know there is never enough time to attend every seminar, or you may want to revisit those you did attend and listen again.

Keynote Presentations and Seminars

Keynote Speaker -  Jo Birbeck -  Video Interactive Guidance

Video Interaction Guidance is a dynamic evidence-based approach which enables communication to be centre stage. 

It involves the central importance of child initiatives, the value of ‘being and staying in the moment’ and the building of attuned interaction.

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Seminar  - The Bookstart Packs: How to share books with children with additional needs.

University Of Derby and BookTrust Early Years Team

This seminar provides a summary of the recent BookTrust /Bookstart SEN research.

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Seminar  -  Stimulating the Senses Through Story and Rhyme

Helen Carr and Vikki Law, Stoke-on-Trent Portage Service

Listen to this is fun and interactive workshop that encourages parents and practitioners to open up the world of rhymes and stories to all our children, by stimulating the senses.

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Seminar - Dr Caroline Smith - Working Together to Promote Positive Behaviour of Children with Autism

Dr Caroline Smith, author of ‘Plan A is for Autism: Using the AFFECTS Model to Promote Positive Behaviour’ (Speechmark Publication) outlines the advantages of trying to draw on ‘the teams’ skills and strengths in making a difference to the child. It emphasises the importance of adults recognising and doing what they can, not stretching themselves to extremes so that every part of the day (and night!) becomes stressful and seemingly impossible.

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Seminar – Writing and Developing a Social Story

Dr Caroline Smith (author of the Speechmark publisher’s best seller ‘Writing and developing Social Stories)

Social Stories, developed by Carol Gray in 1994, are used worldwide to help young people and adults with autism understand what is going on in their world and, in so doing, prompt appropriate behaviour.

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