NPA Stamp of Approval Scheme

The NPA Stamp of Approval Scheme is an award given to early year’s settings who have demonstrated they deliver inclusive early years education based upon Portage Principles. 

Childminders (registered with OFSTED) who offer early years education are also eligible to apply.  Settings are awarded the stamp of approval for a period of one year, upon completion of an application form that:

a) meets all of the essential NPA criteria  

b) is supported by a Portage representative who is familiar with the setting and the work that they do with children with additional needs and their families.


  • Formal recognition and acknowledgement of inclusive settings that ensure high quality provision for children with additional needs
  • Settings are listed with the NPA and promoted to parents and practitioners through the Portage Regional Support Hub (direct link to nursery/setting website)
  • Settings may include the award in their published ‘Local Offer’ for children with SEND (a statutory requirement for all early years settings from September 2014)
  • Settings may include the ‘NPA Stamp of Approval’ logo on their website, letterheads and other publications (rules governing the use of the NPA Stamp of Approval logo will be provided upon confirmation of setting registration)
  • Via NPA membership, settings gain access to mentorship and support from NPA members, via the Portage Regional Support Hub and other publications, events and training
  • Creates more awareness of Portage in the community
  • Promotes close collaboration between Portage home visiting and early years providers
  • Supports early years workforce development through Portage training, mentoring and networking