Portage Awareness Workshop

This is an introduction to Portage delivered by an NPA Accredited Trainer. The NPA recommend that it is co-delivered with an NPA Parent Trainer.

The Portage Awareness Workshop aims to raise awareness, knowledge and understanding of the Portage Approach to working with children with additional needs and their families, and is suitable for a wide range of audiences including strategic leaders, middle managers, early years practitioners and parents. 

Central to the course are the ‘Portage Principles’ and the ways in which these principles can be applied by the early years workforce both in the home and in settings. 

The workshop looks at how developing Portage services in your area can help to address key priorities for local authorities in implementing the Children and Families Act 2014 and developing early education for two year olds with SEND.  The NPA has set standards for the workshop content, and advises approximately half a day for delivery, however the length may vary according to audience and purpose.

Additional Information

What does the course cover?

  • What is Portage?
  • The Portage Model
  • Portage Principles
  • Working in Partnership
  • Parent’s Perspective of Portage - delivered by an NPA Parent Trainer.
  • Portage within the National SEN Context
  • Models of Portage across England
  • NPA Support & Training

What are the course aims?

To give participants:

  • An understanding of what Portage is, its history and effectiveness
  • An overview of Portage Principles and the Portage model of support
  • Insight into the benefits of developing Portage practice in your area
  • An understanding of the role of the National Portage Association and the support and training it provides

What will I learn?

  • How Portage differs from other early years inclusive practice
  • What Portage Principles are and how they can be used in the home and in settings
  • The value and high regard in which Portage is held by families who receive it
  • The value of the Portage approach in relation to addressing national SEN reforms
  • The various structures in which Portage is currently delivered in different areas of England
  • An understanding of the support available from the NPA for local authorities with little or no Portage who wish to develop a Portage service and/or offer Portage training to early years practitioners
  • The additional NPA training/CPD available for early years practitioners

Who is the course suitable for?

  • Local authority strategic leads within both Early Years, Inclusion and SEND teams .
  • Early Years Consultants
  • Inclusion Officers
  • Children’s Centre Managers
  • Early Years Advisory Teachers
  • Early Years Practitioners working in PVI, maintained and children’s centre settings
  • Family Support Workers
  • SENCOs
  • Reception class teachers, nursery teachers, HLTAs and teaching assistants
  • Childminders and foster carers
  • Parents
  • Professionals working within Health & Social Care teams.

Why should I attend?

  • To learn more about Portage and the principles which underpin its success
  • To hear first-hand from parents about their Portage experience and why it worked for their family
  • To learn how you could adopt Portage principles in your own practice, and address national priorities for working with children with additional needs and their families

What could it lead to?

As an optional development, the Portage Awareness Workshop can lead to: