Become a Portage Home Visitor

Portage Home Visitors (PHVs) work within a Portage Service - often managed by the Local Authority.

Services vary in size and there are a range of delivery models, but all services work to a professional NPA Code of Practice.

To Become a Portage Home Visitor

  • you may be required to have experience of working in early years and with children with SEND

  • you will have completed an NPA approved Portage Workshop delivered by NPA Accredited Trainers (add links to courses)

  • you will need to work under supervision for 6 months in a Registered Portage Service, following completion of a Portage Workshop

  • you will complete the Portage Home Visitor Induction materials whilst working in a Portage Registered service 

  • you can join some services as a Volunteer Portage Home Visitor

Portage Workshops are available to anyone interested in Portage. Courses are open to early years practitioners, professionals and parents.

Find out more about Portage training.