Service Registration and Affiliated Registration

There are over 100 Portage Services in England and Wales registered with the NPA.

The National Portage Association actively encourages all Portage Home Visiting services to apply for registration

Purpose of Service Registration

Registration of Portage Services identifies the elements of Portage that distinguish it as different to other early year’s provision and other home visiting services. More importantly, service registration also ensures that families across the country are guaranteed the same high level of Portage Service delivery.

The purpose of service registration is to:

  • Establish national standards for Portage Services, reflecting the essential components of the Portage Model and agreeing a minimum standard for service delivery.
  • Safeguard each family’s right to a Portage Service of recognised quality.

A full description of the Portage Model of Service Delivery is given in the NPA Code of Practice.


Registration Star System

In 2013 the NPA implemented a star system of service registration. This was introduced in order to offer a more flexible approach & support services to meet registration criteria.

This system of rewarding registration using a star system means that all services will meet criteria to register, albeit at different levels.  It recognises the different levels that services are operating at, whilst still recognising that services are delivering NPA approved provision. 2 new categories have subsequently been added New Service and Establishing Service.

It is hoped that this will give the NPA an indication of the level of support that services are able to give to children and families in this climate of change and help to identify those services that may need NPA support.

Service Registration Criteria

Details of the 2020/21 criteria for registration of Portage services can be found here.

Details of the 2020/21 registration star system can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE in response to feedback from services, the NPA reviews and amends the service registration criteria annually.

Affiliated Registration

The NPA is very aware of the changing models of Portage provision and that a few services are no longer able to offer Portage Home Visiting which has always been an essential criteria for Service Registration.  To enable such services to remain linked to the NPA we introduced Affiliated Registration.  We amended our criteria to remove the requirement to offer Home Visiting but Affiliated services still need to provide details of the service they offer to families and other providers and meet our other essential criteria.      

Affiliated Registration Criteria

Details of the 2020/21 criteria for Affiliated Registration can be found here

Affiliated Services are not star rated.

Service Registration or Affiliated Registration Fee

Registration runs from 1st June to 31st May.

The registration fee for 2020/21 has been held at £120.00 plus VAT.  

The registration fee includes:

  • two free parent memberships per service per year.
  • full access to the Portage Support Hub – for 3 individual NPA members, as required as part of service criteria.
  • access to NPA events, including Regional Networking Days & NPA Conference / Portage Early Years Development Day.
  • regular email updates regarding the NPA and Portage, both regional and national.

How to Apply for Service Registration or Affiliated Registration

  • Complete the NPA Service Registration/Affiliated Registration form for 2020/21.
  • Application for registration is made on an annual basis – running from 1st June to 31st May each year.
  • Service renewal reminders & application forms are sent from the NPA office in April/May to be returned by 1st June each year.
  • Services applying for registration will be asked to
    • complete an application form to ensure the service meets the criteria set by the National Portage Association;
    • pay a registration fee as designated in the document ‘Financial Management Policy: decisions, delegated powers and monetary limits’.
  • Registration is given at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.
  • The NPA shall keep a database of all registered Portage Services. 

The NPA Logo

Services registered with the National Portage Association are entitled to use the National Portage Association logo, only in accordance with specific guidelines issued by the NPA.

Services are not entitled to use the National Portage Association Charity Number and registration does not give charitable status to an individual service.