The Pathway to Become an NPA Accredited Trainer

The pathway to becoming an NPA Accredited Trainer has been simplified; with Trainee Trainers now expected to gain experience in delivering Portage Workshop modules before applying to attend a Training for Trainers (TfT) Workshop.

For those Trainee Trainers who completed a TfT before July 2017 the previous process will apply.  

Overview of the 4-Step Plan

All new Trainee Trainers will follow a simple 4 Step Plan to become an NPA Accredited Trainer explained in the overview Become an NPA Accredited Trainer - 4 Step Plan, along with a 4 Step Plan diagram.

Step 1: Prior to completing an Application to Register as an NPA Trainee Trainer, all applicants will need to have experience and a strong understanding of Portage Home Visiting and Portage in Early Years settings.They will also need to demonstrate that they have some experience of training and have started to develop their presentation skills.  

All Trainee Trainers need to hold NPA Professional Membership which gives access to more detailed information in the Guide for Trainee Trainers, along with the Application to Register as an NPA Trainee Trainer and Notes for Making an Application. These documents can all be found within the NPA Trainer Information section.

There is an administration fee of £35.00 to register as a Trainee Trainer.

Step 2: Each Trainee Trainer will be linked to an Accredited Trainer who will act as a Mentor to help them develop their training skills and supervise their delivery of Portage Workshop modules. 

For Portage services with an Accredited Trainer it is usual for them to undertake the role of Mentor, with peer support available for new ATs.  If a service does not have an AT, arrangements can be made to link with a Mentor from another service and plans made for the service to buy in Portage Workshops through the NPA.

A Guide for Mentors is available for ATs within the NPA Trainer Information section.

Step 3: This involves attending a Training for Trainers Workshop, followed by Step 4 applying for Accredited Trainer status.

The Training for Trainers Course has also been revised and the residential course replaced with a 1 day Workshop which will cost £300 per delegate.  TfT Workshops will be arranged when 8 – 12 Trainees are ready to attend.    

The forms necessary to achieve Steps 3 and 4 can be accessed once registered as a Trainee Trainer.

What to do if the Service does not have an Accredited Trainer     

If you are considering becoming a Trainee Trainer and do not have an Accredited Trainer in your service you might like to talk to an AT before applying.  The NPA office will put you in contact with an AT; it may be possible to observe part or all of a Portage Workshop before applying.

For further information or queries contact the NPA Office