Case Studies - Portage Parents

Beckie is a passionate advocate and champion of the Portage model. She is eager to share what she has learnt with everyone she meets and is very proud of how her son, Oscar is responding to the Portage small steps approach. Beckie, Oscar and family have received Portage in both Liverpool and Stockton on Tees and all attended the NPA Conference in 2015.
NPA Chair of Publicity & Information, Jo Byers wrote this lovely article for Portage Post back in 2010. She wanted to share with NPA members how Portage had changed her life and how they have continued to apply the Portage Model, small steps approach with their daughter Fiona who is now 18.
We are a family of four; Mum Zoe, Dad Shaun and twin girls Laura and Holly. Laura and Holly were born in 2011 and Holly has since been assessed as having Severe Global Developmental Delay.
Brothers arm in arm
There are four of us in our family home, mum, dad & two boys. We also have two older ‘children’ that I call my ‘step men’. All four brothers are very close although we do not often see the older boys as they have grown and are living independently.
We are a family of four, myself Mum, dad Peter, Alex who is almost 7 and Toby who was born in 2012 and turned 2 years old a couple of months ago. Toby has Down syndrome. We live in a small village called Rainhill, in the St Helens Borough, just outside Liverpool.