Become an NPA Accredited Trainer

The pathway to becoming an NPA Accredited Trainer has been simplified; with Trainee Trainers now expected to gain experience in delivering Portage Workshop modules before applying to attend a Training for Trainers
(TfT) Workshop.

Trainee Trainers who completed a TfT before July 2017 should refer to page 3 of the 'Quality Support for Trainee Trainers A Handbook for Mentors and Trainees' document, available to download on the right hand side.


Here are the Steps and Guidance notes.

Step 1 – Apply to Register as an NPA Trainee Trainer
(available for NPA members)

Step 2 – Link to a Mentor and work towards Accreditation
(available for Trainee Trainers and Accredited Trainers) 

Step 3 – Attend an NPA Training for Trainers Workshop 
(available for Trainee Trainers and Accredited Trainers) 

Here are details of the Appeals Process