An opportunity for services using ‘In -the-Picture' to take part in a new research project

Does your service use ‘In -the-Picture’? Would you be interested in taking part in a project which follows on from the original study that led to it's inception? 

As you are probably aware ‘In-the-Picture’, the free online training course for Portage Home Visitors and early childhood practitioners, is now available. In-the-Picture is an innovative approach which helps those supporting very young children with learning difficulties explore what everyday experiences and activities are like from the child’s perspective and plan accordingly. The online course can be found on the Open University’s ‘OpenLearn’ platform at:

To begin you just need to click on the link and follow this step-by-step guide to enrol

ItP Enrolment Guide

This course was the result of research involving 10 Portage services. There is now an opportunity for you to take part in a further project which follows on from the original study. This is open to services who use ‘In -the-Picture’ and is a response to the growing need for Portage services to support children in their transition to early years settings.

Portage Home Visitors who take part in this new research will be asked to introduce ‘In- the- Picture’ to another early years practitioner involved in a pre-school setting. The Portage Home Visitor will be able to use parts of the course to help with this introduction, for example the film in session 1 which gives an overview of In-the-Picture. The pair will then use In-the-Picture to support planning for a child who is starting or who has recently started in a pre-school setting. The only other commitment that the Home Visitor and practitioner will take on is to complete a brief questionnaire and take part in a short telephone interview after a period of using In-the-Picture with the child that they are supporting.

The project will run initially from February to June 2020.

If you are interested in taking part in the research, then please contact John Parry or Jonty Rix for some more information at