Council for Disabled Children Members Meeting

NPA Trustees @ CDC Members Mtg

NPA Trustees attend CDC Members Meeting

16th January 2023 was the Council for Disabled children (CDC) members meeting held in Westminster. Three NPA trustees, Janet (chair) , Margie (treasurer) and Rachel (Memberships) attended on behalf of the National Portage Association. 

It was a very insightful day with some wonderful key speakers, the focus of the talks was on the National SEND and AP implementation board and responses to the green paper. 
Education and health care plans (EHCP’s) was also discussed at length. It was reported that 24% of the student population have SEND support. 

Key pillars of the meeting:
• The Responsibility of care is for all school staff, not just SENCO
• Reformed and nationally consistent EHCP process’s
• EHCP’s should reflect different stages of childhood
• A system for families based on strengthened accountabilities and clear notes of redress

You can find out more about the Council for Disabled children (CDC) by following the link below:

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