National Portage Association: Impact Report 2023

Impact Report 2023

NPA Impact Report 2023 

Hi All,

As we head into the month of June - the month the National Portage Association celebrates its 40th year of operation in England and Wales, this seems the perfect time to share with you the National Portage Association: Impact Survey 2023.

After months of collecting data and pulling it all together, we are so proud to share with you what our parents, carers and families are saying about the Portage interventions they are receiving. Families are reporting high levels of trust in the Portage Service, significant and positive changes in their child's development and a better understanding of their child's needs.  There are some inspiring comments and insights in this report that makes for a pleasurable read.  It does, of course also highlight some of the challenges we know are impacting Portage services up and down the country - long waiting lists and challenges that impact the frequency a child may receive a Portage home visit.

  We hope you enjoy reading this report.  Please do share this impact report with your commissioners, grant/ fund managers to ensure they fully understand the impact Portage interventions make in the early years to child, family and educational provision.

Thank you for your continued support to ensure Portage remains an essential early intervention to improve early outcomes for disabled children.


PDF icon National Portage Association: Impact Report 2023 (44.1 MB)