MENCAP Survey – looking at diagnosis delivery & availability of Portage across the UK

The National Portage Association would like to request your support in promoting a short online survey to Portage families, produced by MENCAP.

The results will be shared with the NPA to support the development of Portage services.

The survery can be completed at:

MENCAP is undertaking some research around the main issues existing in early years provision and is particularly interested in the availability of Portage services. The survey is available on social media sites and MENCAP tell us that they have already received many positive testimonies from Portage families.

MENCAP have agreed to share statistics from the survey with the NPA & hope to secure some media coverage to raise the importance of Portage services to professionals, parents and decision makers. They also hope the statistics will play a part in general election lobbying to ensure Portage is an important consideration for any future government!

Freedom of Information (FOI)

Many Portage services recently received a request under the Freedom of Information Act. This caused some concern & anxiety amongst NPA members, many of whom are in the process of service restructures.

We have been in touch with MENCAP regarding this and would like to reassure all members that this FOI request was initiated by a MENCAP researcher in advance of launching their survey.

The NPA is delighted to be developing partnership links with MENCAP and other charity organisations. We hope to share statistics and testimonies following the survey.

Please pass on the survey link to all members of your Portage team and Portage families, both past and current.

The survey can also be found on the NPA Facebook and Twitter pages.