Seminar - Stimulating the Senses Through Story and Rhyme Helen Carr and Vikki Law, Stoke-on-Trent Portage Service

24 mins 55 secs

Listen to this is fun and interactive workshop that encourages parents and practitioners to open up the world of rhymes and stories to all our children, by stimulating the senses.

A range of rhymes and stories are explored and ideas shared on how to encourage children to use all their senses while actively participating in the experience.

Presenters demonstrated how to use household items, natural materials, textures, colours and food to create an interactive rhyme or story experience for your child.

Listen to some of Helen and Vikki’s favourite stories and be inspired to create some of your own!

Please note, this was an interactive and visual theatre was used for demonstration purposes.

Video was also shown during the seminar but has been removed from this recording.

Teaser Video

Sensory Stories Seminar Trailer Portage Conference 2016