Seminar – Writing and Developing a Social Story - Dr Caroline Smith

Dr Caroline Smith (author of the Speechmark publisher’s best seller ‘Writing and developing Social Stories)

Social Stories, developed by Carol Gray in 1994, are used worldwide to help young people and adults with autism understand what is going on in their world and, in so doing, prompt appropriate behaviour.

This seminar sets out the relevance of Social Stories to both parents and professionals. By the end of the session those attending will be able to recognise a good Social Story and make a start on working with others to write one for their child.

The session, which includes a PowerPoint presentation and some discussion, will cover:

  • The nature and purpose of a Social Story
  • What they can and can’t do!
  • The sorts of sentences that make a good Social Story
  • In what ways writing a Social Story changes behaviour…yours and the child’s.

Portage conference 2016 Caroline Smith Seminar 2 (Social Stories) trailer