Seminar: Dr Caroline Smith - Working Together to Promote Positive Behaviour of Children with Autism

Dr Caroline Smith, author of ‘Plan A is for Autism: Using the AFFECTS Model to Promote Positive Behaviour’ (Speechmark Publication) outlines the advantages of trying to draw on ‘the teams’ skills and strengths in making a difference to the child. It emphasises the importance of adults recognising and doing what they can, not stretching themselves to extremes so that every part of the day (and night!) becomes stressful and seemingly impossible.

The behaviour of children with autism often creates more heat than light.

Whether the behaviour is very passive or very loud and active those living and working with children with autism are often left wondering what to do for the best – the best for the child in the short-term, the best for the whole family to-day, next week and next month and the best to secure positive long term outcomes for the child as they journey through the ages and stages to adulthood. There is no easy solution and ‘one size does not fit all’.

This seminar looks at the following;

  • Challenging behaviour - are we using the right words?
  • Understanding the behaviour of your child with autism;
  • Tuning in to your child and the situation
  • Using Smith’s modified Iceberg to get under the surface of the behaviour

PICK and MIX, an intervention plan;

  • Environmental change
  • Communication
  • Teaching new skills
  • Social learning