Resources for Services - NPA Research Reports

NPA Survey – The local offer and Free Entitlement for 2 Year Olds (2013) by Sue Goodhead.

In September 2013, the National Portage Association (NPA) sent out a short electronic survey to 104 NPA registered services. The main purpose of the survey was to track:

1. Whether Portage is one of the choices being included in the ‘local offer’ which each local authority is required to publish by September 2014.

2. Whether the 'free entitlement' for some 2 year olds which started in September 2013 is affecting the availability of Portage to families.

3. Whether the proposed extension of the ‘free entitlement’ to include 2 year olds with disabilities in September 2014 is leading local authorities to consider changes in Portage service delivery for this group of children. 

NPA Paths to Portage - A guide to Portage Service Delivery (2013) by Bonny Robinson

Commissioned by The National Portage Association and funded by The Department for Education.

The document NPA Paths to Portage aims to

1) Give information about Portage and how the Portage model works

2) Identify possible starting points in setting up a Portage service

3) Offer support in sharing with others the key elements of Portage that make it different from other early years’ services

4) Provide points of reference where more in depth information about particular aspects of Portage and the delivery of a service can be found.

NPA Audit of Portage Provision in England (2011) by Dr Fran Russell

Commissioned by National Portage Association and funded by The Department for Education.

A detailed audit of Registered Portage services across England in 2011, identifying key geographical areas with limited access to Portage home visiting.

Early Support and Key Working in Portage Services – an audit of Portage practice (2009) by Sue Goodhead.

Full report including detailed evidence of research commissioned by the NPA in 2008 to audit key working by Portage Home Visitors and broader Portage service involvement in Early Support.