Resources for Services - NPA Service Guidance Documents

A Guide for Portage Services on Managing Volunteers (2012) by Claire Findlay and Davinder Phull.

Commissioned by the NPA and funded via a grant from the Department for Education.

This document contains advice and guidance for registered Portage services who are considering whether to work with volunteers in Portage service delivery.

Introductory information regarding the NPA Core Competencies material - ‘Making Sure You Have Got What it Takes’ (2007).

Designed to be used as a programme of development for Portage Home Visitors, providing Portage services with a single framework of professional competencies. The materials can be used as a tool for supervision, performance management and staff induction.

A complete NPA Core Competencies file is available to NPA registered services from the NPA Office at cost of £5 plus VAT & postage.

This document enables Portage practitioners to see at a glance the skills and knowledge base needed to complete the 33 core competencies and become a fully competent Portage Home Visitor.

This document shows the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for Family Partnership - one of the five key areas of the NPA Core Competencies.