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Early Support


In Salford we were part of the original trial of the  'Early Support' pathway. This was a good few years ago and we still operate a very small cohort of Early Support key workers that work alongside our  small Portage Home Visitor team.  I know that at that time other LA/Portage services also embedded the Early Support model, practice and materials as part of their offer to families. As a service we are curious to find out if  other Portage services still operate with Early support key workers, or have they dissolved over time? Also if they still operate, what are they called? and what does this look like now? We are keen to learn about how other ES services may have evolved, and to get an idea about such things as criteria for involvement and if they work within specific age bands??

 Sorry lots of questions-just any updates that could be shared would be welcome-thanks on behalf of Salford Early Support Keyworkers-Jane, Helen and Martin