Using 'scents' in education

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Using 'scents' in education

Hi, i am a Portage Home visitor in Salford, and  i am currently doing some joint work with a teacher from the Visual Impairment team. Daniel (VI ) teacher has been doing some research into the use of senses in supporting the learning of children with complex and multiple needs and in particular the use of scents (sense of smell) to build children's association with routines and activities, with the longer term idea that certain scents could be used from birth-into school and beyond-with a view that consitency can be key to these children's learning. I am reaching out to all my fellow Portage home visitors to ask if any of you have any knowledge base, research or ideas that you would be willing to share to support my learning in this area? Any sign posting to relevant literature etc would be much appreciated.

 thanks in anticipation...kind regards